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Prospect Consulting

Desk Research

An important task where you gather all the relevant knowledge about your brands and markets.  We start by scoping out our information needs, typically covering:
Market size and trends
Brands, manufacturers, market sectors and shares
Innovation and trends
Consumer behaviour
Consumer attitudes and needs
Consumer demographics
What you would receive at the outset is a list of topics that the information trawl will attempt to access.  The range of potential sources will be large and include: 
Trade directories 
Trade organisations
Press articles
Specialist companies such as Mintel, Keynote or Datamonitor
Government statistics
Media expenditure
Some of these sources will be freely available, others might require a fee.  
Often you may wish to expand your knowledge with some selected interviews among key people. This will colour the data and it is amazing that there is rarely a need to conduct many interviews.
At the end you will receive a report comprising of an executive summary, recommendations for next steps and a compendium containing all the relevant facts and figures.