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Idea Generation

Research will tell you what your weaknesses or problems are but it can only takes you so far, it is no substitute for creativity.  Consumers can tell you want they don’t like, but they are very limited in providing suggestions for change, or as Henry Ford said as he launched his Model T 
  “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” 
Many years ago we realised this shortcoming and trained in creativity techniques.  This taught us that Creativity is something that we are all capable of, there is no mystique, it is simply about producing ideas that are:
Novel - but they could be old ideas that may not have previously worked. 
Workable - there is little point in having ideas that are not actionable.
Have advocates - a bad idea with a high level of commitment is much better than a good idea with a few people interested in action.
Creativity is something that resides within:
Optimism (you have to look forward to tomorrow)
A desire to move on  (a belief that change is good)  
Forgetting the past (the past has no scope for action. We have to concentrate on the future). 

If you wish to participate in one of our sessions we strive to create the most fertile environment for producing novel ideas. We do this in several ways, with two broad objectives: 
  1. Remove hierarchy. Hierarchy and seniority can have a depressing effect upon creativity. In a session everybody has to be equal, it just does not matter where ideas come from
  2. Focus on the future. Only the future provides scope for action. Dwelling in the past creates either complacency (when things go right) or a hunt for scapegoats (when things go wrong) - both are a complete waste of time. 
In order to achieve we apply a set of rules that creates this fertile environment. If you would like a copy of our short document ‘What is Creativity?’ we would be delighted to send you a copy, just click here.
Notable projects have been conducted over the years for:
St Pancras, when they were developing the tenant merchandise mix
Vinopolis, the brand name of this south of the river attraction
General Motors
Department for Constitutional Affairs- now the Justice Ministry