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Quantitative Research

As you will have noticed the industry has changed fundamentally in recent years with a shift to the internet away from face to face or telephone. Internet based surveys have distinct benefits such as speed and cost.
But there is still an important place for using the traditional methods:

Street Interviewing remains the best way of speaking to people about their locality.  This could be about  shopping, a restaurant or bar  or a tourist attraction
Telephone interviewing remains important for B2B samples
Postal/ self completion still gets good response rates
Door to door is still used if you are after a randomly selected sample
We use all the main data collection methods, selecting whatever is the most appropriate for the project. 
Data collection is only part of the process, applying some of the analysis techniques we have can have a significant value to your data.  Please see our section on “Statistics Unmasked”.   This is an easy reader with non technical explanation of all the commonly used techniques you can use to bring added insight.