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Prospect Consulting

Services Overview

We can provide you with a comprehensive range of market research services. In addition we offer interim support, filling in gaps in your internal resources. 
You probably are facing a range of issues of which it is likely that the solution will rarely be provided by a single method or technique.  
If you ask us to work with you on a project in our proposal we will initially provide for you a framework for  your market.  This then becomes the basis of our proposal.  

Each market or problem is unique and typically would cover:
  • Consumer: Needs - Usage behaviour; Buying behaviour; Consumer typography; Demographics
  • Retail/Distribution - Distribution; Price; Promotional activity
  • Supplier/Manufacturer - Producers/Suppliers; Brands/Market share; Positioning; Pricing; Advertising/Promotions
As part of the job getting your brief right is fundamental.  In the brief (either written or verbal) you should specify what you want to get out of the research and resultant actions.  The brief expresses your aims and objectives simply.

On receipt of the brief we provide you with a detailed specification of what will deliver your required results.  This often results in a range use of methods which could include:
Desk research
Qualitative research
Quantitative research
Idea Generation- Brainstorming
Statistical modelling- segmentation, key driver- see our section on ‘Statistics Unmasked’ –our non technical guide to analysis
Semiotics (a brief case study)